How to pronounce the word ENVIRONMENT

This is a very concerning word. People are always talking about how concerned they are about the environment. Let’s face it. If you are going to say the word environment, you better know how to pronounce “concerned.”

Things are getting serious when someone says environment. You may want to consider the word create and the variations of the word create. The word create is going to be before, after, or around the word environment. Someone is going to be creating.

In case that the environment does not need to be created, it needs to be saved. If it needs to be saved, you’re going to be talking about time frame. Time frames, in this case, are going to be short.


You might want to go on red alert status when you hear the word CHORE.

You do not want to described as a chore. You don’t want to be in possession of chores. You don’t want to have chores in your future. The only time you want to be involved in chores is when they are in the past tense.

The word you want to bring up when someone says chores is opportunities. Someone might say we have to talk about the chores. That’s when you should say, you would like to talk about opportunities. Look them dead in the eye and say you see a lot of opportunity here. They will know you mean business, and you will have asserted your dominance.

GENRE is one of the most useless words in the English language.

Think back on the times that you heard the word genre. How many of those times was the word genre used in a conversation that was stimulating? Probably never. Right after the word is used, the person hearing it says, “why don’t we just say type of movie?” The the other person says, “well yeah, you can say that too.”

The hot new word on the street is QUARANTINE

If you haven’t been saying quarantine at least three times a day, what are you doing with your time? Everyone “in the know” is talking about the quarantine. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some will tell you how effective it is. A lot of people will tell you what they have done during the quarantine. You might want to consider how it will impact your popularity.

Ty Landrum is an animal.

This is what the goals are all about. This guy is incredible. I don’t know anything about him. He must have been doing yoga for twenty or thirty years. I bet he took it slow and easy. Getting better and better every day. People probably ask him how he got to be so good. He probably shrugs his shoulders and says “at what”?

Have you considered switching sports teams? I left the NY Yankees and joined the Atlanta Braves.

Have you considered switching your favorite team? It is a scary thought. I’ll tell you three things that will change when you do. The impact will be big. I challenge you to at least consider what it would be like to root for another. If you can do it, you will be one of the few to leave the cave and come back. You’ll see the world in a whole new light.

Slow is steady and steady is fast

George Foreman is a brilliant guy. And one thing I do is listen up when brilliant guys speak. It is a quote that summarizes a way of life. It summarizes a philosophy in action. It’s electrifying. It’s amazing.

I am using this philosophy in a few different projects that I am doing. Listen to the episode to learn how I’m doing it.

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