Personal Philosophy of Jesus

So here we go! This should be simple and straightforward. A blog post summarizing the personal philosophy that Jesus filtered all of his thoughts, words, and actions through. Everyone agrees on this, right? Well, there is a simple way of handling this.

We look at the story of Jesus getting baptized and then going out to the desert for forty days. It is a very short story, but it is jammed packed with thoughts, words, and actions.

We get Jesus interacting with a few different characters in the story. Each character plays a critical role, and reveals the identity of Jesus. The story is so short that we can take it line by line. It is also so jammed packed with philosophy that each line will require it’s own blog post.

The good news is that at the end of the series of blog posts, we will be able to fire off a summary of his philosophy even if we have limited time and space to do so.

Your homework The carefully crafted call to action is for you to read the story of the baptism and time in the desert so that you come to the next post in this series prepared.


Published by Tom Blaney

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