Epicurus asked the age old question. Sex, fancy suits, and money or friends, cheese, and books?

He went with friends, cheese, and books. It’s the ancient version of do you want to spend money on things or spend it on experiences. And it is hard to argue with his answer. Plus, the guy has a rock solid framework to feed his thoughts, words, and actions through.

I mean, how do you accuse this guy of being a hypocrite? Eating cheese while telling a bunch of friends about the latest New York Times best seller he has on his night stand? Yeah, that’s his way of staying true to himself. Talk about a piece of cake to stay on course.

And such a legacy this guy has. “The Church” took his commune idea and made them into monasteries. The number one seal of approval in history is when when “The Church” takes your idea and runs with it and leaves you in the dust. The number two seal of approval is when someone takes your idea and turns it into a somewhat successful form of government.

I really wanted to give this guy one blog and move on, but he may deserve just as much time and discussion as the X-man.

P. S. It appears that Epicurus style communal living was the first frat house. Of course, they were called the Deltas.

Published by Tom Blaney

I help people articulate what makes their service exciting, meaningful, and valuable to their stakeholders by identifying why they want to serve, what they are most proud of, what challenges they want to take on, and how they plan on showing results. I do that by researching issues, identifying clear positions, helping them align their positions with what their customers want, and managing work flow to deliver efficiently and effectively. In the future, I'd love to help companies improve on how they communicate with their customers.

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