Juliana and Mark – Vision Board Philosophy

We all know I’m a words guy. Its all about the beauty of a well formed sentence that gets my blood flowing. I keep saying that a written philosophy is my holy grail. And then the Yoga power couple comes in and says they did a vision board instead of writing a statement.

That’s dumb! Or brilliant. Ok fine, it is brilliant.

I’ve rejected the idea of a vision board enough times that it isn’t a fresh idea in my head. But, its a new idea because this time its being presented by two people that are in the place that I want to be.

They have a youtube channel that kicks butt. They are in terrific shape. Every week they fly into an exotic vacation spot for their next shoot. They are more mature than me. And now to top it all off, they have vision boards that trump my philosophy.

It might be time for me to put together a vision board. It is time for you to make one, too.

Published by Tom Blaney

I help people articulate what makes their service exciting, meaningful, and valuable to their stakeholders by identifying why they want to serve, what they are most proud of, what challenges they want to take on, and how they plan on showing results. I do that by researching issues, identifying clear positions, helping them align their positions with what their customers want, and managing work flow to deliver efficiently and effectively. In the future, I'd love to help companies improve on how they communicate with their customers.

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