Massimo Pigliucci showed he knows everything about Stoicism

Self-control. Discipline. Empire Building. Everyone in Ancient Greece had one of those t-shirts with that slogan on it. They all said it was their way of life. Then, the t-shirt got worn out and got thrown away.

Everyone moved on to other philosophies with more pizzazz, and left stoicism behind. Everyone except for Massimo. He figured out that 5 minute podcast episodes on stoicism was a winning idea that will shoot up the charts.

They say that Stoics and Epicurians were the two competing camps fighting to be king of the philosophical hill. Neither one won, but it was a main event for the time.

Take a listen to this sales pitch for stoicism and let me know what you think.

P. S. I think Jocko Willink must love Massimo’s podcast.

Published by Tom Blaney

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