Batman was an Existentialist?

Batman studied philosophy? Or, it was just the way he was? I dunno, but this video blew my mind. He makes a good case for the ins and outs of how Batman’s mind works. He even has the foreign accent that makes him sound like he knows what he’s talking about.

This is a great place to go after watching the Stoic videos. This philosophy seems similar to the grin and bear it, deal with the situation in front of you, and soldier on mentality that the Stoics seem to have embraced. But this seems better because it brings into the equation the value of human life. Seeing value in every human being, and refusing to kill is hard core.

Value for every human life? Respect for all. Hmmm, this has me thinking. Maybe we need to rewatch the Mother Teresa clip and see if she was imitating Batman. Maybe she was fighting crime, and kept it on the down low.

Published by Tom Blaney

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One thought on “Batman was an Existentialist?

  1. I love how you use comedy and wit to connect disparate thought patterns and make them more accessible. Existentialism is not new, but may be seeing a resurgence in a world surrounded by emerging threats, no leadership and a population divorced generations removed from the horrors once experienced by each generation in turn. I don’t see the value in labels. However, if there was one, I’d say I was an existentialist. though a theistic one. I suspect there is some sort of creator (be it a simulation designer, Christ or whatever you choose).
    If we can only create meaning for ourselves, than what we value becomes central to our being. Character. Take a look at Rocky 1 and 2 again from that perspective.
    Then, take a look at Trump’s biography to present day. Much to be gleaned what the country valued in the past, and what it values today. Heroes matter…sometimes we get what we want (and not what we need).


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