Richard T. Scott – Please do not tell me we can paint a philosophy

Will someone please tell me what’s going on? Life used to be simple. Using words to write a philosophy was the one true way to come up with what you are all about. Then Juliana and Mark come along and crush it with their vision boards. They twist my mind into a pretzel. I had to admit there are now two ways to approach philosophy.

And now Richard T. Scott comes at us with a paint brush. A paint brush! Mad Dog Mattis said I should read lots of books. He didn’t tell me to go to any art galleries and look at paintings.

The way Scott tells the story of what is going on in the last painting reveals a whole new framework for learning about life. We can look at a painting and say hmmm that’s a nice painting. Or we can make up our own story about what’s going on. It won’t be the same story the artist was thinking about when he painted it. He is giving us enough to spark our imaginations.

Maybe, just maybe, if we have enough curiosity to think about what’s happening on a canvas, then we can develop some curiosity about other things we see in life.

Published by Tom Blaney

I help people articulate what makes their service exciting, meaningful, and valuable to their stakeholders by identifying why they want to serve, what they are most proud of, what challenges they want to take on, and how they plan on showing results. I do that by researching issues, identifying clear positions, helping them align their positions with what their customers want, and managing work flow to deliver efficiently and effectively. In the future, I'd love to help companies improve on how they communicate with their customers.

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