Epictetus sold a unique brand of stoicism that was a lot less hard core than today’s version. Spoiler alert: his was better.

The problem I have with kids today is that their version of stoicism is filled with too much rahh-rahh tough guy stuff. Epictetus mixes in some stuff you’d hear at the local hot yoga class. More go with the flow. Don’t push to hard against stuff you shouldn’t push against. Kudos go to the guy who created this video for using the Corona angle.

Stay home, relax, and feel not guilty about it. It’s the right thing to do. Just don’t tell a modern stoic about it. He will tell you to soldier on after you catch the virus at your weekend run-in-the-mud event.

Published by Tom Blaney

I help people articulate what makes their service exciting, meaningful, and valuable to their stakeholders by identifying why they want to serve, what they are most proud of, what challenges they want to take on, and how they plan on showing results. I do that by researching issues, identifying clear positions, helping them align their positions with what their customers want, and managing work flow to deliver efficiently and effectively. In the future, I'd love to help companies improve on how they communicate with their customers.

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