On Homer (Part 1): What Makes Homer Special? — Caffeine & Philosophy

After reading Homer extensively over the past six years, in multiple translations and with the addition of a number of commentaries and analyses, I think it is time to begin writing my own thoughts on these books, if only to elucidate and crystallize what those thoughts may be. This will probably come in multiple parts…

On Homer (Part 1): What Makes Homer Special? — Caffeine & Philosophy

I must admit it. I don’t understand Homer. I tried to read the Illiad. It was too difficult. I tried to listen to it as an audiobook. That was a no-go. I am at the mercy of smart people. They have to summarize it and give their critique. Then I kinda sorta get it.

That’s where Caffeine & Philosophy comes in. Read the blog. It will make you a better person.

Published by Tom Blaney

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