Personal Philosophy of Buddha

Michael Gervais talked about a few people that had rock solid personal philosophies. Buddha was one person that was mentioned. Gervais said that Buddha’s philosophy had something to do with suffering, and the loving kindness that can come out of it. Punching suffering in the mouth is how I have usually dealt with it. MaybeContinue reading “Personal Philosophy of Buddha”

Billy Joel ft. Paul McCartney – Let It Be

This song goes against everything I stand for. All of the talk about modern philosophy for the modern man gets McCartney uncomfortable? English Irish guys were never known for their pondering. I’m not going to let it be if I can spend the rest of my waking hours on this earth pondering over why I’mContinue reading “Billy Joel ft. Paul McCartney – Let It Be”

What is Framework?

Fast Company- Before you can reframe an argument, you need to understand what “frames” are in the first places. They’re simply the term psychologists give to the theoretical filters or categories our minds use to help us store, manage, and interpret the meaning of information. You can tell me you don’t like my haircut. YouContinue reading “What is Framework?”