Personal Philosophy of Jesus

So here we go! This should be simple and straightforward. A blog post summarizing the personal philosophy that Jesus filtered all of his thoughts, words, and actions through. Everyone agrees on this, right? Well, there is a simple way of handling this. We look at the story of Jesus getting baptized and then going outContinue reading “Personal Philosophy of Jesus”

The Only Plane In The Sky

ttps:// NPR – “It also tells stories that, while massive in scope in their own right, were drowned out by the enormity of the day. I had never fully appreciated how large the marine evacuation of lower Manhattan was, and how the water taxis, Coast Guard ships and private boats rivaled World War II’s DunkirkContinue reading “The Only Plane In The Sky”

Podcast Episode: Intro to Season 2020

I talk about my approach to life. I tell you how my father taught me the skills that make me a great podcaster. I tell you about how my mother taught me to be endlessly curious about the world. I talk about how being in the “Northeast USA Irish Catholic” community shaped my views ofContinue reading “Podcast Episode: Intro to Season 2020”

Tom Blaney’s Philosophy

I seek out people that communicate what makes their service meaningful and valuable to others in their community. I try to understand why they want to serve, what they are most proud of, what challenges they want to take on, and how they want to show results. I do this by researching issues, preparing blogsContinue reading “Tom Blaney’s Philosophy”