Too Insignificant — Fun with Philosophy

Obscured from the universe, I’m holding up my fears, Letting out cries That no one will hear My tear, just a drop In the big, boundless sea Flowing where it takes it Until it’s unseen Nobody can feel What I feel deep down Even the loudest of screams Don’t seem to make a […] Too InsignificantContinue reading “Too Insignificant — Fun with Philosophy”

Tom Green was the most innovative guy in the world for a while. Seriously he was. Web-o-vision!

Web-o-vision was the most amazing thing ever. Tom Green created his own talk show. He set up his website and would have a late night talk show set-up. He had guests on and they would talk for hours. There were no commercial breaks to interrupt the conversations. The guests would talk for hours. There wasContinue reading “Tom Green was the most innovative guy in the world for a while. Seriously he was. Web-o-vision!”

Comic books are almost dead.

This is an astonishingly professional and well thought out presentation on the state of the comic book industry. The comic book is the thing that the “nerdy kids” always loved. Seeing the latest comic book on the shelf. Picking it up. Feeling it in your hands. Opening it up. Reading each page slowly. Savoring eachContinue reading “Comic books are almost dead.”

Can art do anything, especially during periods of crisis? What is art? Paintings and stuff? But, more importantly, what is art good for? Olivia Laing presents us with a compelling case for art giving us hope. If Andy and Red from Shawshank Redemption were real people, they would be reading this article. Hope is a good thing. Maybe even the best of things.Continue reading “Can art do anything, especially during periods of crisis?”

I am certain that scepticism is right.

I know what you’re going to try to do. You’re going to try to trap me up in logic. I take a strong stance against your stance that I make no sense. You are the one that doesn’t make any sense. The stoics wanted me to be calm. The sceptics are doing them one betterContinue reading “I am certain that scepticism is right.”

Yoga and meditation will cure your social distancing blues #SaveYourLocalYogaStudio is the message for today. You have the blues? Hot cups of coffee and Youtube mornings are not doing it for you? Well you are in luck. I have just the thing that will give you an edge over everyone else. It will make you smarter. It will have you sleeping well. ItContinue reading “Yoga and meditation will cure your social distancing blues”