Patrick Henry Didn’t Respect Authority

Malcolm X mentioned Patrick Henry in the Ballot or the Bullet speech. So, that leads me here. Henry had a way with words. He showed initiative. He was aggressive. He sounds like a guy that James Mattis would like to have in his foxhole. I have to admit. Henry doesn’t really inspire me. However, ifContinue reading “Patrick Henry Didn’t Respect Authority”

Gen. James Mattis (Ret.) on Leadership Lessons

Trust, respect, and affection. The first two words are expected. The last one is surprising. The “we are brothers” mentality is well known. But hearing this certified bad ass talking about affection is surprising. We shall overcome because this is no worse than anything that hasn’t been overcome in the past is another gem. InitiativeContinue reading “Gen. James Mattis (Ret.) on Leadership Lessons”

Bill Walsh West Coast Philosophy

A football video about philosophical wars in the NFL? Yes, please, and thank you. These throwback clips are the best. This one gives us a valuable philosophical lesson that we can apply to our own lives. Play to your strengths. Then form your philosophy. Next, defeat your enemies. Find yourself with a serious injury? Don’tContinue reading “Bill Walsh West Coast Philosophy”

Juliana and Mark – Vision Board Philosophy

We all know I’m a words guy. Its all about the beauty of a well formed sentence that gets my blood flowing. I keep saying that a written philosophy is my holy grail. And then the Yoga power couple comes in and says they did a vision board instead of writing a statement. That’s dumb!Continue reading “Juliana and Mark – Vision Board Philosophy”