If someone out there has stupid ideas, do we have to be irritated by him? Trevor Valle gives us his answer.

Trevor Valle gets so worked up over this. He really shouldn’t care about it. I was hanging on every word. He knows a lot about dinosaurs. I wanted to know why he cared so I could care, too.

Then about 17:45 into this he starts talking about conglomerates. It hits me right there that anyone who thinks that dinosaurs didn’t exist would be completely lost by what he is saying. It’s like dude. Just stop. Save your breath. It isn’t worth it.

I can say this because I’ll be the first to engage the no dino guys in a debate. I’ll believe that logic can win the day. But, the truth is, logic is a weakling. Emotion trumps logic all day every day.

Liv has a podcast called Lets Talk About Myth. It covers everything there is to know about Greek and Roman mythology.

This podcast is well done. She is great at telling these stories in plain English. She takes these stories that are hard to follow. She breaks them down. She is funny.

Paula Lay kicked my butt.

This practice is one of the most difficult ones that I’ve come across. It is almost impossible to sit up straight through this practice. Setting an intention is out of the question. But, of course, this is the first go around for me. Next time, it will be better.

The crazy thing is that my ankles got more of a work out than anything else. My shoulders need a lot of work.

Progress will be noticeable when I’m able to meditate on Descartes’ question of what if there is an evil deceiver running the universe while doing this practice.

Even more impressive will be if I have anything close to a good answer to that question.

Zera Yacob

Great video. Hats off to Olly for putting this together. Zera Yacob sounds like a guy that would be awesome to talk to. There would be things he says that I’d be tempted to jump in and agree with. He would probably come across as a very reasonable guy that would welcome questions about his philosophy/theology.

It is a shame that it is hard to find his writing translated to English. I would read his books….who am I kidding? I’d read a paragraph or two and then get in over my head. Then, I’d go scurrying back to YouTube.

Ultimately, I think I will end up disagreeing on the basis for all of his ideas. It is a nice thought that God is running the show. A nice idea, but where is this coming from? The book of David? Ok, but you are taking a lot on faith when you do that. And sure, that is what everyone says. That it is a matter of faith. But, the older I get, the more it seems like a cop out. Good and evil. Right and wrong. Up side of the schwartz, down side of the schwartz. Everything fits nicely into a box that you put a bow on.

For some reason, I like that no one is pulling the strings.

Laruga Glaser defines calm, controlled, and peaceful in this film.

Yes this is much more than a YouTube clip. This is a film. It is absolutely astonishing how she seems to be in a mental state through this entire film. It really is like a meditation watching this. I know for sure I have never felt control over my body like she does. She is in a stressful sequence throughout this entire film and maintains this look of peace on her face the entire time. It is remarkable.

And don’t get me started on how calm she is. She is so in the zone. Flowing from one pose to the next. Seemingly, she knows she will make it all the way through hitting every mark.

But, you know, as I am writing this, I’m thinking I could have it all wrong. Maybe her outside appearance deceiving. Maybe on the inside she is feeling the stress of doing what the rest of us mere mortals could only dream of achieving.

And that makes it even more impressive. That she could be making an effort to stay in the flow. Making a huge effort and handling it so well. She is an inspiration.

Josh Summers and his Everyday Sublime podcast illuminates the theory and practice of Yin Yoga.

Josh Summers podcast is terrific. He is knows more about yin yoga than anybody. I listened to a bunch of his episodes about a year ago. If you feel stressed out, I urge you to listen.

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