Zera Yacob

Great video. Hats off to Olly for putting this together. Zera Yacob sounds like a guy that would be awesome to talk to. There would be things he says that I’d be tempted to jump in and agree with. He would probably come across as a very reasonable guy that would welcome questions about his philosophy/theology.

It is a shame that it is hard to find his writing translated to English. I would read his books….who am I kidding? I’d read a paragraph or two and then get in over my head. Then, I’d go scurrying back to YouTube.

Ultimately, I think I will end up disagreeing on the basis for all of his ideas. It is a nice thought that God is running the show. A nice idea, but where is this coming from? The book of David? Ok, but you are taking a lot on faith when you do that. And sure, that is what everyone says. That it is a matter of faith. But, the older I get, the more it seems like a cop out. Good and evil. Right and wrong. Up side of the schwartz, down side of the schwartz. Everything fits nicely into a box that you put a bow on.

For some reason, I like that no one is pulling the strings.


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